Thursday, 27 October 2011

mike simpson playing a handmade stephen john guitar clip 1

This is a hand made guitar by Stephen Terry. Stephen was in the process of making this when I took my own guitar in for repair, so I was lucky enough to witness it's construction every time I visited to review progress on my own guitar. Ultimately, when I performed my first gig with Columbus hummingbird copy guitar, Stephen turned up to watch and brought this lovely guitar with him and I had the pleasure of trying it out first hand. It's a lovely crafted instrument and an excellent testament to Stephen's skill and dedication to his trade. I've always wanted to get myself a good quality guitar, and I can think of no better option than to have a hand made guitar, designed to my own specification and built by a master craftsman. Unfortunately it will require many more gigs before I've accumulated the resources, meantime I'll content myself with watching Mike Simpson putting the guitar through it's paces, he certainly does it justice.

For good measure, here's Mike putting the guitar through it's paces again