Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ibanez Tube Screamer TSA 15H

I've come across a review of this amp in Premierguitar.com. This is an all tube 15watt head, with built in tube screamer. Whilst the intention is that this would be an ideal practice / recording amp, even at 15 Watts it would still be capable of  giving a good sound for gigs in smaller venues. But of course there's always the option to mic it through the PA if you need more volume.  This amp can produce the typical American bluesy sound and the 6dB boost enables it to reproduce the British grainy sound with more mids.
At $300 this is a great amp for any new starter looking for that real all tube sound, which can still give a variety of sounds without an inbuilt computer. Of course I think this can also meet the needs of the experienced gigging player, not just for practice but could still do the business in appropriate venues.

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